Best Medicine Companies In India

best medicine companies in india

A Comprehensive List Of The Best MedicinE Companies In India

India is currently the world’s largest supplier of generic pharmaceuticals, accounting for 20 percent of global supply by volume and meet over 60 percent of global vaccination demand. By 2023, the global pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach USD 1.5 trillion. In the global pharmaceutical market, India plays a critical role. India meets over half the global demand for various vaccinations and 40% of the market for generic medicines in the India. The best medicine companies in India are listed below

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd is a global pharmaceutical business based in India that manufactures and distributes medicaments and active medicinal ingredients in India and the United States. The company's total revenue is around ₹29066 crores. The company is one of the most famous, trustworthy, and best medicine companies in India and best pharma company in Chandigarh.

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.

It is a worldwide pharmaceutical company with its roots in India. In India and worldwide, the firm manufactures and offers a wide range of medicines. More than 190 medicines, 60 APIs for drug manufacturing, biotechnology goods, intensive care, and diagnostic kits are among the company's offerings.

Divi's Laboratories

Divis Laboratories primarily produces APIs, Intermediate products, and Nutraceutical Ingredients for export. It is one of the country's leading pharmaceutical firms, with two manufacturing systems. It has risen in the ranks of the best medicine companies in India due to its market valuation.


Cipla is a prominent global pharmaceutical company dedicated to producing high-quality generic medications. Healthcare experts, as well as people all around the world, rely on the organization. The firm sells a wide range of pharmaceuticals. The firm has a strong presence in both the Indian and international markets.

Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

It was formed in 1986 by Mr. P. V. Ramprasad Reddy, Mr. K. Nityananda Reddy, and a small group of dedicated experts. It has a presence in major therapeutic areas such as cardiovascular, neurosciences, and anti-biotics, among others, and being the leading company in Semi-Synthetic Penicillins.

Lupin Ltd.

Lupin is among the best medicine companies in India that offers a wide range of goods, including branded and generic formulas, biotechnology products, APIs, and more. The firm serves more than 100 nations. It provides high-quality, low-cost pharmaceuticals for some of the world's most chronic illnesses, meeting unmet needs in many world regions.