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We ensure Quality in Products and Services and in everything we do.

We also believe that a CUSTOMER FIRST is essential for company’s growth, and an organization that puts CUSTOMER’S NEED FIRST are rewarded with LOYAL customers, Industry CREDIBILITY, respect and REFERRAL business. Novique is leading Allopathic PCD pharma franchise.

We are inviting Pharma Professionals, Allopathic PCD pharma franchise, and Pharma Franchise Owners who want to grow fast and towards infinity with BUSINESS ETHICS at the CORE ofouractions.

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All our products are manufactured at WHO/GMP certified plants.

If you’re looking for an inspiring combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play, and a great work culture, then Novique Life Sciences is the right place for you. At Novique Life Sciences, we promise you a sense of achievement and a smile of job satisfaction every day for the rest of your life.
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We deal with CARE and HEALTH Products out of them these are selected for you.

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Allopathic PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India

The Pharma industry is growing by leaps and bounds. According to IBEF, the Indian Pharma industry has fastened its pace in the business market. Pharmaceutical ethical marketing are leading the economy and sales of medical tools in India. Novique Life Science is a top PCD pharma company in Chandigarh. We believe in developing and offering quality products and services to fulfill medical firm requirements. However, Being a Allopathic PCD pharma franchise, we follow compassion and adversity to evident success. Quality assurance, integrity and customer satisfaction is our prime goal. Moreover, we have a well-organized pharmaceutical marketing services to provide the best franchise commodities to the clients. By promoting accessible and economical pharmaceutical products, we are willing to boost access to high-quality medicines and therapies.

Our product portfolio consists of Antacid, Anti-cold, Anti-allergic, and antifungal drugs. In addition, our products include Cardiac and diabetic, Pain relief and multivitamins, corticosteroid, and dental care medicines. Apart from allopathy, we also manufacture Ayurvedic and herbal medicines. All these products are available in forms such as; Capsules, tablets, injections, soft gel, creams, powder and sachets, dry syrup, syrup, and suspension.

Our services are characterized by the following attributes that differentiate us apart from other Monopoly PCD pharma franchise

Quality assurance

We are committed to manufacture, develop and deliver a wide range of formulations. Moreover, we have incorporated systematized logisticoperation, storage, and quality control techniques following thepharmaceutical ethical marketing standards. Our highly skilled quality controllers are in charge of ensuring that all of our operations and activities are closely monitored at all times. Hence, we are able to address the needs of our clients.

Customer satisfaction

To become the propaganda company pharma in Chandigarh we work on deliverability, support service, and customer satisfaction. To provide the optimal treatment to patients, we emphasize manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical formulations. We value every customer and seek to provide complete customer satisfaction. With the support of our quality class research and development, we have attained prominence in product categories, products, and services across the country after years of hard effort.

Innovative ideas

We believe in a company's growth that comes with innovative ideas and solutions. Our dedicated staff are highly and professionally educated, experienced and contribute significantly to our pharma company's performance. In order to broaden their horizons, they keep on exploring and improving themselves. Each member of our team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our products are of the greatest possible quality.

Creativity and knowledge

In order to bring brilliance, each member ensures that all of our products follow every pharmaceutical formulation standard. With vast experience in the pharma industry, we keep on learning and experimenting with drugs to give a better life to the patients


Though, consistency and integrity pushed us to become the best allopathic PCD pharma franchise in Chandigarh.

Passion and excellence

When passion meets excellence it offers the best solutions. In the healthcare industry, our medication solutions are always available to help you meet the rising demand for pharmaceuticals. We assist you in becoming the monopoly PCD pharma franchise by offering you high-quality Allopathic PCD pharma franchise at affordable prices

Awards and Certifications

Quality, innovation and customer satisfaction are our core values which make us to achieve the following certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare professionals including therapists, pharmacists, nurses, and more use surgery, radiation, and medications to treat diseases and symptoms. 

The word “allopath” was coined by Hahnemann himself. The word was intended to imply, in a derogatory sense, that early nineteenth-century medical practitioners simply treated sickness by combating symptoms and offered little in the way of avoiding illness or addressing disease’s core causes.

In order to treat infection, illness, and disease, allopathic medicine doctors and other healthcare professionals employ a variety of treatments. Prescription medications such as antibiotics are among them (penicillin, amoxicillin, vancomycin, augmentin).

PCD – Propaganda cum Distribution is the complete version of PCD. PCD is utilised in the Allopath Pharma industry for marketing and distribution rights. Allopath PCD (Propaganda and Distribution) is essentially a franchise. Let’s take a look at what an Allopath franchise is. When a firm allows a person or another company to sell their items under their brand name. It’s referred to as franchising a business. In general, the franchise follows the ideals and work ethics of the organisation that allows it to operate. This Allopath Propaganda Distribution (PCD) company is quickly expanding. The rise of the Allopath Pharma industry is due to the fact that it includes companies that have no end in sight, i.e. companies that are focused on the future. Thousands of people all over the world are simulating the Allopath PCD (Propaganda and Distribution) company.
The Novique franchise company has caught the attention of a number of people. It has attracted people’s attention due to its numerous characteristics. People that work in this sector of the economy make a good living and enjoy their jobs. If you’re interested in investing in this business as well, the expert team at Novique can assist you. They are the ideal organisation to work with. Here are some of our company’s highlights that distinguish us from the competition:
  • GMP and WHO Verified Unit, 
  • Infrastructure with a high level of sophistication
  • On-time delivery of products, 
  • high-quality drug selection

The pharmaceutical industry is an excellent area to establish a company. You might make good money and establish a lucrative business at a reasonable investment level. An Allopath distributor is one of the primary distributor routes and priority persons. They play an essential role in promoting pharmaceutical company sales and marketing.

In the allopath pharmaceutical industry, there are numerous distribution routes. You might own a PCD franchise, a monopoly-based franchise, a stockiest, a wholesaler, a single-party or multiple-party distributor, and so on. 

  • Choose a reputable, ISO-certified firm with a medication list of more than 100 items. 
  • Choose the top PCD Pharma Company with a proven track record of success. 
  • It is preferable if they have their own production list.
  • Look for a vacancy in your desired location and keep your other possibilities in mind.
  • Make sure you’re a member of the GST network. It is a requirement.
  • The following are the requirements for becoming a pharmaceutical distributor:
  • To work in the pharmaceutical industry, you must have a drug licence.

The industry’s backbone has always been a flawless pharmaceutical distribution system. The aim has switched to recruiting better distributors, following the trend of appointing medical specialists.

Over the last decade, the allopathy drug distribution business model has been murky because of hurdles such as complexity, low profit margins, high investment costs, and so on. However, organisations such as Novique are concentrating on efficiency by accepting and exploring various distribution methods. 

Being a allopath pharmaceutical distributor comes with a range of perks, including:

  • Genuine, reasonable, and economical are some of the buzzwords that describe this company’s best qualities. Many businesses offer a variety of investment options as well as credit perks to some extent.
  • The company is open to part-time and full-time employees. In terms of investment and return on investment, it does not disappoint.
  • When it comes to earning potential, the sky is the limit. Distributors make a lot of money on a single transaction, so you may make a lot of money.
  • You can work whenever and wherever you choose without feeling obligated to the corporation. As a result, you can have a healthy family and business life while effortlessly balancing it.

This firm helps you in a variety of ways due to its exclusive privileges, large operating space, and available distributor discount.

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